Turtle in Paradise


  1. I read Turtle in Paradise. It was so good that I read it in one day. I think you should read Turtle in Paradise.

    I think the title fits the book. Turtle in Paradise fits the book because it is about a girl named Turtle, and she is in Key West (paradise). I do not think there is another title that would be as good as this one.

    I was feeling excited after the first couple of chapters. I was wondering what would happen next. What would The Diaper Gang do to the babies? What was the secret formula The Diaper Gang used on the baby's bungy?

    At the end of the story I was angry. I was angry at Archie. Archie went away on a boat with Turtle's gold. Turtle and The Diaper Gang found Black Caesar's treasure. They split the money between the five of them and with an old lady. They split the gold with the old lady because her piano had the map that led them to where Black's treasure was.

    One of the best parts was when Turtle found the map to where Black Caesar's treasure was. Turtle's cat,Smokey, jumped on to the rotten piano and Smokey fell through. When Turtle went to go help Smokey get out of the piano she found the map.

    Another good part was when The Diaper Gang and Turtle found the treasure. They were rich! Now Turtle and her mother could live comfortably without having to worry about money.

    One of the worst parts was when Turtle and The Diaper Gang got stranded on the island that had Black's treasure. They ate all the food they had when they got to the island. All they had left was water until they were rescued the next day.

    Another bad part was when Archie went to Cuba with Turtle's gold. Archie's a thief. He is also a liar. He married Turtle's mother, then he left her with no gold.

    The character I would want to be is Turtle. She is the main character. I think her life is interesting. I think it would be fun to hunt for treasure like Turtle did.

    1. Katie, I read Turtle in Paradise. I thought it was such a great book that I read it in two days. I think anyone that reads Turtle in Paradise will fall in love with it as much as I have.

      I think the title fits the book perfectly. I think Turtle in Paradise fits the book great because it's all about a girl named Turtle in Key West. Turtle goes to Key West because her mama gets a housekeeping job for a no-good, cranky old lady that doesn't let children in her house. I think the author picked a great title for this book.

      In the opening chapters of this book I could not put it down, I was hooked to it. I thought it was one of the funniest and greatest books of all time. I was wondering during the story, like Katie, what the Diaper Gang was going to do with the babies AND what the secret formula was that made the babies stop crying.

      When I finished it, I was very mad and sad about Archie. I thought he was going to be good for Turtle's family and to her mom. He cared more about the gold than he did for Turtle and his wife. I felt really glad that Archie was nice to Turtle and her mom; I was glad that they were going to buy a house and be a family.

      The best part of this book was the setting in Key West. I have been to Key West two years ago and I can picture what it looked like there when Turtle describes it. And it is SO hot! In the book the characters get ice cream and so did I when I was there.

      The worst part was finding out at the end what type of guy Archie was. I just couldn't believe he would do that to Turtle's mom. It made me wonder if Archie really loved Turtle and her mom or if he was just playing them to see if something better for him came along.

      If I could be any character in this book, I'd be Turtle. I like how she went to Key West like me, she's very smart, and I like how she hunted for treasure. She has a very snappy personality...it says so in the very beginning of the book--Slowpoke says he knows why her mom named her Turtle...because she had a snappy attitude. I enjoyed her character a lot.

      I think anyone who hasn't read this book should because it was very funny, exciting, and realistic.

  2. I agree..."Turtle in Paradise" is probably my favorite SSS book I've read this summer. I just couldn't put it down. I love how the novel uses first person, in the character of Turtle, to tell this story. It made me laugh out loud...Turtle is so sarcastic and very witty.

    Katie, you're absolutely right about Archie. What a loser! And how sad to me that Turtle's mom always falls for "loser" guys...he seemed SO great at first, didn't he? I was glad, however, that after that horrible incident at the end with Archie, that Turtle and her mother were still in Key West with their family. I feel that they would be good support for both of them. And who knows? Maybe the mom would get back together with Slowpoke someday? I'd like to think so since Turtle got along with him so very well. We who've read the novel know why, don't we?