Tuesdays at the Castle

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  1. I think that, the title “Tuesdays at the Castle” wasn’t a good title because the author never said if it was Tuesday or not when the castle changed except once. Secondly Celie was at the castle all the time not only on Tuesdays. In the beginning (the first page) they said that whenever the castle got bored it changed or added new rooms and they did this mostly on Tuesdays, but in the middle of the story the castle changed in a random day.

    My feelings after reading the first opening chapters were that, there was going to be no action. I thought this because there was no action in the beginning of the story. I mean who wants to read a book with no action? Nobody! Looking at the cover I thought that, this book would be about a normal girl (not a princess) coming to the castle every Tuesday with her friend exploring. But I was wrong. It was actually a princess who lived in the castle and the castle changed on Tuesday (sometimes).

    My feelings after reading the last few chapters were that, this was a great book. I thought this because it filled with action, unlike the first few chapters. Crawling through tunnels, swimming through moats, applying manure to the bottom of shoes and under beds, fighting with Prince Kelsh, were all interesting things that hooked me to this book.

    The best part of this book was when Cecile, Lilah, and Lord Sefton crawl through a tiny tunnel underneath the castle, barely big enough for Lord Sefton, to get out of the castle. This tunnel will lead them to the entrance of the moat. After they were at the moat they were going to swim to get to the entrance of the castle. But when they get to the entrance of the tunnel (the King and Queen’s room) Cecile saw the King’s crown and wanted to take it so Prince Kelsh wouldn’t wear it. But when she went to fetch the crown, she found out that Prince Kelsh was being crowned by the Emissary so he can be the king of Sleyne.

    The worst part of the book was when Prince Kelsh “killed” the castle. He actually didn’t kill the castle; he just put it in a deep, deep sleep. I thought that this was the worst part because Cecile and Lilah got trapped in the Spyglass Tower (a room) while Kelsh was “killing” the castle. Eventually Cecile and Lilah climbed out of the room from the window

    My favorite character in this book was Cecile. She had most fun while applying manure to the bottom of shoes, under beds, and smeared in the corners of wardrobes. Also getting in a bloody fight with the meanest, fiercest person in the castle, Prince Kelsh. She got to save the castle along with her siblings, which was an exciting part of the book. That is why she is my favorite character.