The Trouble with Chickens


  1. I read The Trouble With Chickens. I thought it was a great book. I think anyone that reads it will love it as much as I do. If you need a book to read over the summer I would recommend
    The Trouble With Chickens.

    I think that the title fits the book perfectly, because J.J. the dog has a lot of trouble with Moosh and her chicks.Moosh and her chicks are very stubborn and they don't want to listen to J.J.But in the end listening to J.J. is the right thing to do.

    After reading the first four chapters of this novel, I wondered why the author would write a book about a dog and chickens. What could you even write about a dog and chickens? I did not like the book at all. I didn't understand the book one bit. I hoped that I would be done with that book quicker that you could say The Trouble With Chickens. My feelings about this book were not good at all.I really didn't want to read such a boring book over the summer.

    After I finished the book, my feelings changed a lot from when I first started to read the novel.When I got deeper into the book I spent most of the time laughing my head off. My feelings changed because the characters in the book said a lot of funny things,they were working together,and they were nice and sweet to each other. If I voted on this book 1-10 I would give it a score of 9.

    One of the best parts in this book was when J.J. bravely dived into Vince the Funnel's house to save Moosh and her chicks. When J.J. dives in the house he lands on a carpet and and slides across the floor. When he hits a couch he gets knocked out into a sleep. While he's sleeping Vince drags him into a kennel and locks it so he can't get out.

    One of the worst parts in the book is when J.J.gets locked up in a kennel by Vince so he wont have to get ear tubes and J.J. will. I think that's the worst part in the book , because I think its sad that Vince locks J.J.up. But Sugar being a good chicken friend comes over to J.J.'s kennel and helps him make a plan to get the key from Vince so she can help J.J. out of the kennel. Once she gets the key she helps J.J. out of the kennel and then they show Vince the remote and through it in and Vince gets locked up.

    If I had to pick a character out of this novel I would probably be Sugar,because she is very brave,smart,cute,helpful,and loveable.

  2. Thanks Abigail L.! I plan on reading that book next. It sounds funny!

  3. This was a very cute, short, easy read! Vince is quite the little evil villain dog in this story. I think the chicks (yes, they're actual chicken "kids") are funny; but Sugar is my favorite. She is SO very smart!

    I am looking forward to reading some additional posts about this novel to see what upcoming 5th graders think!